Network In Action Intl (NIA)

NIA Community Builders work as Independent Contractors building networking groups in a protected territory by utilizing our state-of-the-art-technology and game-changing monthly meetings. We will provide all training, ongoing support, and prompt commissions.


Our Mission

NIA helps businesses grow through networking with like-minded individuals using the latest technology.
Our Mission

Group Leaders

  • Act as the membership committee to build out a group
  • Run a monthly 90-minute meeting following approved NIA agendas
  • Track attendance electronically from a smartphone app
  • Manage the group to ensure its success
  • Host 9 times a year an extra opportunity to network as a mixer, lunch, or coaching session
  • Follow NIA protocols and agree to attend NIA remote training
NIA Franchise


First 60 days
Add 12 to 15 members.
Day 60 thru 90
At minimum add 3 new members


Day 90 thru 120
Add an additional 4 members


Day 120 thru 150
Grow group to 24


Traditional Networking

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Little-to-no technology
  • Run by a volunteer
  • Anyone can join
  • Meetings designed to recruit guests
  • Constant turnover in group
  • No guarantee

The NIA Difference

  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Professional leadership
  • All member applications are verified
  • Membership includes coaching
  • High Retention
  • Guaranteed ROI for all Members
Traditional Networking And The NIA Difference

State Of The Art Technology

  • Pass Referrals
  • Create Connections
  • Request Reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp
  • Post Updates
  • NO Elevator Pitches (or "reporting on leads")
  • Much More

Network In Action's Technology make passing referrals, managing your online reputation, and connecting with your fellow members a breeze! All this can be done on our smart app (available on iOS and Android) as well on our website!


Group Leader Calculator

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Who Chooses NIA?

Who Chooses NIA


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Who Are We Looking For?

What are the qualities that we seek in an Ideal Candidate?

Network In Action is looking for individuals who were previously involved in networking groups in a leadership capacity and people who have a real passion for helping others and are not afraid of business development. Loyalty is critical to your members and a passion for helping the lives of Business Owners by creating Networking Groups “where Members create relationships that last a lifetime.”

The NIA Model is ideal for those open to a proven concept who would like a part-time or full-time opportunity. If you are currently paying for networking for your existing business, why not add a revenue stream? Network In Action also appeals to experienced Entrepreneurs looking for a highly scalable business with potential long-term and sustainable earnings.

Who Are We Looking For?

Item 19

Below Is A Summary Of Our Franchise Owner's Annual Income
Franchise-Owned Network In Action Businesses
For The Year Ending December 31, 2019
Actual Average
Gross Revenue
Median High Low
Operating 3 Network In Action Groups $141,911 $144,208 $146,090 $135,436
Item 19

Boston Groups: 3

Pinellas County & Tampa groups: 3

Columbia groups: 2

Atlanta groups: 5
Savannah groups: 1

Midtown groups: 1

Harrisburg groups: 1
Philadelphia groups: 4

Columbia groups: 1
Bellaire groups: 1

Cincinnati groups: 2

Oregon groups: 1

Boise Metropolitan groups: 3

Across the USA

Austin groups: 8
Dallas groups: 2
Houston groups: 49
San Antonio groups: 1

Orange County groups: 2
San Francisco groups: 2

Phoenix groups: 5

Utah County groups: 1

Grand Junction groups: 2
Denver groups: 3

Minneapolis groups: 5

Tulsa groups: 1

Seatle Groups: 1

Nashville groups: 1